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Re: What exercises aren't part of crossfit programming, but you think should be?

Originally Posted by Tim Luby View Post
Heavy bag - I've created several circuits incorporating the bag --wearing gloves throughout!

Stadium steps - these are a classic, but maybe not practical for some

Suicides - perhaps this is more practical than 100m sprints in the context of a circuit

i actually have added these into my own program over the last few months. i love doing rounds using the body bag with kb swings and jump rope. i also found that stadium steps are really more about balance, precision, and timing then anything else. i am not sure how many of you guys use the crossfit endurance website, but i will add a few wod's from there that include sprints & suicides.

personally i would like to see the use of some cables. i saw a few mountain climbers working out at my globo with a long rope extension on the cable. and there are a few other ways that you can incorporate multi-joint movements using cables.
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