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Re: Another Guy Programming on His Own (5/3/1 & CFE)

Originally Posted by Dakota Base View Post
First off, it all depends what your goals are. On a fairly similar programming strategy myself, I don't expect to be a top 10% AGF'er, but my goal for next year's IM's is to be the "fastest guy that can deadlift 450lbs". I also recognize that if I focused on lifting without the triathlon work, I'd be pulling a lot more than 450lbs up off the floor.

Beyond your own goals, the rest depends how strictly you follow the 5/3/1 programming, then how much load you put into your GMW type workouts, and of course, how that works in with your cardio type workouts. Are you multi-sporting or just running? And how far are you going for your rides/runs/swims?
Dakota, I broke my own rule. If asking for help include stats and a goal. I'll answer this portion of your post now and work up the remainder later this morning.

Single Sport: Run......However, I am a Soldier so I include 1x Ruck a week alternating from SI, LI, and TT. This allows for me to get in some reps with a 55# load but not make that my concentration. Most ruck work is done with an Elevation mask set at 3-6k.

Honestly my goals are to get back to the CrossFit Total I had in 2010 when I trained with CFFB (maybe a little more). However, I would like to be able to run respectable half marathons or longer while maintaining a 1000 CFT. (Apr 2010 CFT: 955 / June 2013 CFT: 800)

As for the strictness of the 5/3/1 I follow as closely as I can. I have adjusted my METCONs from what Jim recommends in the book when combining 5/3/1 with CrossFit. Other than that the excel sheet and the 4 day split are identical to the book. All starting numbers are 10% of my real 1RM. I follow the exact percentages on all major lifts. I do what I can on the accessories (FS, Cleans, etc.) but attempt to hit the numbers as RXd.
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