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Re: Another Guy Programming on His Own (5/3/1 & CFE)

Originally Posted by Andrew Bell View Post
Shane, I know you been around this stuff for a while, what are your thoughts on the Alex Viada writings/program? His goal was to have an Elite total and qualify for Ironman Kona in the same 2 month period.

In one paragraph on his blog he talks about the past month:

All things I think most of us dream about.....

I have never been a big fan of 5/3/1, I tend to gravitate more towards Conjugate thanks to the Olympic lifter in me.
I think Alex is a beast and maybe even an anomaly. I have read his blog post "So You Want to Run and be Strong?" many times over. I even attempted to try some of his program a while back, when I knew less than I do now. I quit because my recovery was not all that great. I was still feeling heavy legs when it was time to run. Maybe I failed to stay with the program long enough to adapt. That was an issue I had for a while, I'd start something and not commit. In the end his programming is not that much different than MacKenzie's except Alex doesn't include METCONs after strength. I kind of like short METCONs as well.

In regards to 5/3/1, I just think I am more comfortable with it at the moment. I like picking up the heaviest weight I can and I like a model that keeps me humble so I don't go all out to quick. My biggest concern with the Conjugate system at this moment is I am unfamiliar with it. I have always done 3x5, 5x5, 5/3/1, or something like that when I weight trained. Maybe after I apply some more research I will venture into changing from 5/3/1 to Conjugate system.
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