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Robert Wolf
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Hi Scott-

Here are a few points of consensus about the paleo diet: High protein, moderate carbs, good quality fats . Virtually no grains or legumes and no dairy of non human origin. Eating seasonally which means cycling ones food in a variety of ways.
Your example of garlic is a perfect one. Is it good or bad? It has loads of antioxidants, stimulates the immune system and does some nice stuff to our blood lipid profile. It is also highly alergenic and can cause gut irritation in susceptable individuals. If it is not problematic for you...go for it. Just keep in mind that cycling it is going to minimize the possibility of negative reactions.

The zone is in essence a view on the paleolithic diet. For me it is to calorie restrictive and requires to many carbs...but that is just me. I follow much of the wisdom found there and tinker it to fit me. If you are interested in gaining quality weight i would recomend Natural Hormonal Enhancement which you can find at

Another excellent book is Lights Out! Sleep, Sugar and Survival

It is tough to sift through all of this stuff but you mention the gold do you feel and perform. If you feel better than before that is a good sign. My friend eats a pretty tight paleo plan with the exception of a decent slug of cream in her coffee. Is this "non-paleo"? Yes. Is it in any way detramental to her health and performance...I really do not think so.
Take care
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