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i was turned on to the paleolithic diet afer reading a thread on your site before and it got me thinking, so i gave it a shot for a while eventhough i was told it was a bad idea from a lot of different people. after trying it for about two months i felt a lot better, had more energy, and actually leaned out a bit, but also gained about 7lbs. of muscle! (6'2, used to weigh 164, now i weigh 171.) honestly, i didn't go fully paleolithic, but drastically changed my diet and found a happy medium. i recently decided to go back to a more "normal" diet just to see what would happen. wiithin a week i had noticed actually got a little softer, more lethargic, and chronic injuries even started aching a little bit more.

so my question is what are a few sources that i can check out and learn more about this diet? i am really considering going into this for real, but want to educate myself a little bit before doing so, so i can do it right the first time.

was also wondering for those of you who follow this diet, do you ever cheat? one thing i noticed was that when i first started making the transition, it was like getting off of crack with some foods, but after about two weeks the cravings actually subsided and i actually started craving the foods that i was supposed to eat, but now that i have gone back to the old ways just to see what would happen it's like getting off of crack all over again!

any help or a push in the right direction would be greatly appreciated! thanks!
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