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Re: Popping Knee

No, I can't see a military physical therapist because I'm not part of the military yet.

Like I said before, I went to my doctor when I first injured it back in February and she felt it but found nothing. It was a little worse than it is now, random pangs of discomfort when moving my leg in directions not typical of walking (i.e. turning a corner). She said because there was no pain that it should be okay, so I just went on my way.

In reference to a mechanical issue, I definitely do not think it's something that's from a fundamental mechanical running issue seeing that I never had any problems before I originally injured it, and never had any problems after the injury until a week ago. Also, as I previously stated, I'm 100% sure that the injury was caused by running in boots and a twenty pound weight vest on a sideways sloping street.
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