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Re: Protein Shake or Meal Replacement Shake?

A PWO shake is gonna give you about an hour to hour and a half before your body just needs more food. Whey in water is generally very low carb to no carb with no fat. I take some fish oil and try to ingest a bit more of carbs in a piece of fruit or half banana, etc. The fish oil is to retard estrogen. I think I read that somewhere, maybe Poliquin?

A lot of MRP is just oils (fat) and sugar. Maybe some form of MCT's and dextrose.

So you'll be doing SS during lunch? You do realize to do SS effectively, you need to be eating. You don't have to be eating to mass gain but you do have to eat enough to recover and not burn out.

Best bet is to invest some time and make food the night before or during the weak.

I like to roll up about 5-10lbs of meatballs and keep some in the freezer and fridge for easy access. Or cook a 3lb steak and cut it up to eat over the course of a week for snacking or day or two. I think you get the idea.

No, I don't really care if isn't refrigerated and it's in a lunchbag or box. Haven't had any problems.

If you were doing BJJ in the evening, make sure you glycogen store between SS and BJJ. Unless, of course, you become very fat adapted. Even then, I dunno.
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