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Equipment tips and cheap O-lifting shoes

I just opened a crossfit gym with my wife this past June and have had a few people e-mail me asking for advice on equipment. Thought I'd let everyone who checks this discussion board know what we did because it may be helpful.

EQUIPMENT: We usedRAGE FITNESS for pretty much all of our equipment. Our pull-up bars were custom made, found a welder in town and negotiated to get a pretty sweet deal. We got quotes from a few different vendors, it came down to the G2 store and Rage. Both were competitive but the Rage guys not only beat them, but had way better customer service. I worked with Todd Halderman, he was willing to spend time on the phone with me answering any questions, followed up promptly to e-mails, and got my equipment to me within days (usually 5-7) of ordering it. The G2 store was like 3+ weeks out on their equipment. I also love Rage's med balls, they are basically a carbon copy of dynamax balls, they stay round (not uneven like G2) and are durable. They are also color coded so you don't have to search through the huge pile of black and red balls looking for the right weight (i.e. dynamax) One other thing Rage offers that is pretty unique is Kettlebells from Colorado Kettlebell Club. These are all the same size regardless of weight. I like this because you can learn with an 8 kg or 16 kg, then move up in weight and you don't have to learn to swing a different size KB. It's also nice for guys with big hands so they can actually swing the smaller ones with a full grip.

Last thing about Rage, I am not sponsored by them, nor am I receiving any kind of discount for this. I truly had a great experience and called Todd and asked him if there was any way I could help them out since they took such good care of us. He just said to let people know that they are out there and they do a good job, so by writing this I am trying to help them get the word out, and I'm hopefully helping new affiliates find the best deals they can on equipment.

OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING SHOES: Check out They have dynamo shoes on sale for $72. I have found a way to get them for $45 plus about $10 shipping. Click on their contacts link and get the e-mail for Rich Benoy. Tell him you heard you could get the dynamo's for $45 and ask him if he'll sell you a pair. This has worked for me 3 times, thought I'd pass it along.

Hope this advice is constructive and helpful.

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