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Re: sport watch for CF

Originally Posted by Andrey Lvovskiy View Post

I am new to CrossFit and train on my own. I realized that I need a decent sport watch. By "decent" I mean "lowest price given that it has all necessary functions". Anybody has any recommendations? What functions do you find useful? I can think of the following:
1. stopwatch
2. lap time/total time
3. fixed intervals timer (this is what I couldn't find in the models I looked at; I mean a function that would make the watch beep every five minutes, or one minute, or whatever, so that I would know when to switch from one exercise to another or from work to rest).

Thanks in advance.
I got a cheapy Timex Expedition watch from Target that has all those features. Even the function that alarms at whatever fixed interval you choose. It has a cloth wrist strap with velcro closure and was $30 if I remember correctly. I'm bummed cause I just lost it and now have to get a new one.
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