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Chris Lampe
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I've done the Starting Strength routine consistently for 8 weeks and have been quite pleased with my strength gains. However, I am now going to switch my emphasis over to metcon workouts, primarily outdoor bicyling (rides of 5-10 miles) and possibly a Concept 2 rower.

I'm thinking of reducing the strength training to just 2 days a week but can't decide how to split them. I'm leaning towards doing squats and benchpress as workout #1 and deadlifts and press as workout #2. I also plan to begin incorporating more of the exercises from the WOD into my routine.

My primary goal is weight-loss (currently 5'11 and 330 lbs) and I've consistently gained weight while strength training. I'm sure some is lean body mass but I'm definately fatter than I was before I started lifting. My pants are tighter and I've had to loosen my belt a notch.

I've cleaned up my diet quite a bit but still cheat a few times per week. Breakfast, supper and snacks are within Zone parameters and lunch is fairly clean (whole-wheat bread, lean lunch meat, cheese, fruit). These eating habits and plenty of metcon work will melt fat off of me but my question is this: Can I expect to maintain the strength gains I've made or to even continue making modest gains?

Any comments or suggestions?
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