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Re: Alternate to rope climbs

Originally Posted by Robert Fabsik View Post
I think seven makes better sense. I would imagine if you have a 15' rope, that 15x3=45 towel pullups. 45 towel pullups is much tougher than one rope ascension. Being 5'6", a 15' rope climb turns into a 8-10' rope climb (depending on how far up I reach), plus in the rope climb you can use your legs, towel you can't.

Seven also seems to match what Neil said that 3 ground to stands is about 1 rope climb--although you use your legs in a different fashion there.
Three per foot really does suck; it's what I put up with for two years. I'll say one towel pull-up per foot for accessibility. So, 15 feet equals 15 towel pull-ups. Seven reps just doesn't seem to suck enough.

The thing with the rope climb is it lacks the luxury of putting feet on the ground and giving arms a short break at say the sixth or seventh pull, as compared to towel pull-ups. Think singles or doubles once fatigue starts to set-in. It can't really be done on a rope even when using feet for braking because hands and arms are still clinging for dear life. Rest has to be done before and after an entire rope-climb. Rest can be had at anytime with towel pull-ups.

If memory serves me, the three rep towel pull-up substitute comes from the FAQ. The idea is if an athlete can pull off 45 towel pull-ups ensures 15' rope climbs are within reach. It's akin to the three to four pull-ups/dips prescribed for one ring muscle-up.

In my opinion, the ground stands/rope lowers are more for on-ramp athletes or those who cannot perform a towel pull-up. The towel pull-up sub should be for athletes who lack a rope to climb or those who are fearful of heights.

On a side note, I suck at towel pull-ups(no access to rope at my previous base) and apparently, I suck at rope climbs(I have access here; no excuses) too. I used to think I'd crush WODs with rope-climbs versus having to do a bunch of stupid towel pull-ups given the chance. Amazingly, my WOD times are fairly comparable using both methods.
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