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Re: kipping/jumping pull ups

This topic comes up frequently on the boards, and there are very good (and very long) threads full of answers. Do a search for "kipping pullups" and you should have plenty to go on.

In short, CrossFit is all about power, and kipping pullups are way more powerful than deadhangs. They allow you to do more work in less time, and develop better coordination, speed, and endurance than deadhangs. They are more functional, and they build better strength and flexibility in the shoulder girdle. Jumping pullups are really a different animal, and only serve as a substitute if you can't do many regular pullups. However, they are still great for metcon workouts, and that's why you do see them every once in a while.

That said, deadhangs do have some unique benefits, and you should do both. Don't abandon strict pullups just because kipping are more fun (they are). Weighted pullups are also great for developing pulling strength.
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