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Re: What Are You Not Doing in 2015

Originally Posted by Scott Simmonds View Post
With the end of the year many of us are setting goals and thinking about 2015. Most focus on what they are going to do. How about listing those things you are not going to do?

What activities are you doing that are of limited value? What can you delegate to others, freeing you up to do more valuable work - or just freeing you up to relax?

Are there volunteer activities that have outlasted your interest? Social obligations that need to be ended?

Are there services you provide at your box that seemed like a good idea but turned out to be a drain/drag?

Are there relationships that need to be ended? (Personal, employee, vender, member???)

Are there promotions that have outlasted usefulness?

What we don't do is often as important as what we do.

What things are you not going to do in 2015?
Delegate to others: Event promotion. It's easy to want to be 100% involved in all aspects of the planning and execution of a gym WOD + potluck (for example), but it's draining, and (if you have a quality person on staff) then they probably WANT to be responsible for that event and do a good job.

I don't think we'd give up any of our volunteer / youth / community outreach programs. Personally, I'm going to try to stop doing follow up type things simply because I can do those things....for example, sometimes mail for my old roommate still arrives at my house. I normally message him on Facebook (now across the country) to see if it's something he wants forwarded. It's the nice thing to do, but if it wasn't this digital age, no one would fault me for not chasing him down. Just because it's simple / easy to send a message doesn't mean I should.

No longer being as nice to equipment and supplement vendors. It's 2015, the products I ACTUALLY need or want I will hear about from the community (in the box, coaches online, forums, etc) LONG before a salesperson. I try to be nice and let them do their pitch, but it's eating up time.

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