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Re: Squat causing back pains

One possible cause is that when you start to come up you lean a little farther forward and your hips pop up first. This puts a lot of strain on your low back. Your last rep illustrated this best (almost a mini goodmorning).

Part of this may be caused by the way you start. It looks like your upper back is pushed/hunched forward from the start. Try brining your elbows down more, that may help you keep your chest and upper body more upright so you don't torque the low back in the lower part of your squat.

Also to help you stay upright, fill your abdomen and lower back with air and lock them in place. Sometimes when squats seem impossible it's because I wasn't forcing my abs out. On the next set when I lock them in place, they seem much easier.

I think it would be unlikely to find a high quality belt locally, usually you have to order one. Inzer, Roque and Elite are some places to check out online.

Finally, if your goal is to squat to parallel you need to go deeper, you appear high to me.

Keep up the good work.
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