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Re: Why do you like Krav Maga?

Hi Kent,

First let me say hi from sunny Tel-Aviv. I'm glad I found this place. Finally a deeper discussion of Krav Maga than "Jennifer Lopez uses it"....

her'e my 2 cent's worth, by no means a complete analysis, but some thoughts:

1. Krav Maga was founded by IMI Lichtenfeld and is being constantly updated to meet today's needs (there are whole chapters on defenses for pistols, firearms, and in the military and paramilitary sections of Krav Maga (it's divided into Civilian, Military, and 3rd Party protection) also dealing with suicide bombers and other terrorism situations. So point one would be "an up-to-date fighting system which has re-evaluation of the techniques as one of it's core competencies. If a technique does not work, it gets thrown out of the curriculum. The system in constantly updating and learning from real-life experience of it's practitioners.

2. The system is easy to learn - Eyal Yanilov -one of IMI's direct student and head of KMG (Krav Maga Global) told me in a conversation, that if one applied himself, he could learn most of the techniques for Krav Maga within 3 years. This is the reason it's being applied in the IDF: it's very simple to teach and learn. the system centers around the body's natural movements and reactions, and has the practitioners' survival as it's core values.

Hope this helps, and I would love to continue the discussion.


Krav Maga
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