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Re: UFC 111 predictions

Originally Posted by David M Tillotson View Post
Obviously this thread is populated by UFC fans, not MMA fans. How can anyone say this, or talk about heavyweights for that matter, without even mentioning Fedor? Fedor fights at a chubby 230, and could probably easily get down to 205. Why does he not consider this? Becuase he destroys everyone in the heavyweight division. Carwin vs Lesnar will be a decent fight, but they are still fighting for the second best heavyweight.

And if you have never seen Fedor fight, go to youtube and check him out. The Fedor/Randleman fight is my personal favorite.
I'm a big Fedor fan, but his last few recent fights have been against somewhat suspect opponents. Sure, Rogers is dangerous, but his next fight is against Werdum?! He needs to be facing JDS, Velasquez, Carwin and Lesnar, not UFC washouts or Dutch horsemeat eaters.

Wait, how did this thread turn into a Fedor one?....
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