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Re: UFC 111 predictions

Originally Posted by Matt Payne View Post
Silva does not walk around at 230...He walks around at approx. 210 and hardly has to cut at all for his LHW matches. GSP walks around at about 190. Silva is awesome, never ever fought anyone as well rounded as GSP. GSP is also a BJJ Black Belt. Anderson seems to have the most challenge with excellent ground fighters (Travis Lutter). I do not think GSP could handle Anderson's stand up...but I do think he could wear Anderson down for sure.
Silva fought BJ Penn and won via decision SEVERAL years back. Silva of course had a significant size advantage. Also, Penn's ground game is better than Lutters and GSP's combined. Of course, that really doesn't matter because Silva is much, much better than he was then.

GSP is well rounded!? When was the last time he stood and banged with anyone? His chin is obviously questionable. His boxing is lackluster. He's a phenomenal wrestler. Frankly, he's starting to remind me of Ricardo Arona when he was laying and praying during the Pride days. (then the Shogun of old, trashed him in exciting fashion). His fights are getting boring and he can't finish. Don't get me wrong, if I was Hardy, you would have thought I was trying to answer a question on Jeopardy as soon as GSP set the armbar, or the kimura for that matter.

I'm not sure where you get your facts in regards to Silva's walking weight, but I'd bet the house that you're wrong. I've ready numerous times that Fedor and Anderson match up great in terms of weight. Silva gets a slight height and reach advantage.
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