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Re: Achilles surgery

Hi Todd. I havent had the same injury but ive recovered from a reconstructed ruptered achillies and years later i somehow twinged another one on a drunken night out.....

The "twinge" took about 6 months before it was right again

Some of healing was retarded by my pigheadness and diving back into things too soon!

Basically i ended up staying off ALL weighted movements for half a summer and spent about a 45-60mins a day doing ring work.... Id limp out to the park do a few sets of a move close to failure then waiting for recovery... Then go again. Changing around different moves as i liked no real set plan. Probably go through 5-8 moves per session.

I know that sounds a bit hazey but it was actually quite fun and felt quite productive!

Used to get alot of "do you workout" comments by customers at work and "do you use steriods" comments by youngsters in the park!

I WISH i had set some benchmarks at that time as im fairly certain i was at or close to my strongest - despite never touching iron....

As you might know ANY work on rings stimulates a HUGE NER response which is just pucker for healing!

Also take glucosamine + Vit C 3 times a day. The Vit C is important as the glucosamine doesnt work without vit C as a catalyst.

Eat right and take days off as your body and CNS says.

Just remember the more patient you are the faster youll heal and make progress! Slow is smooth and smooth is fast and all that

Good luck with it mate. Heal strong!
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