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Re: Progression on all fronts ?

Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
It's good to hear that you're doing mostly fundamentals. That's the biggest thing.

Pbars sounds like level 7 (besides back uprise straddle cut). Rings sounds like about level 7 as well (besides the cross). Other events?

Metcons -- I am very doubtful about this. Short ones are the most effective, yes. If you take a look at Coach Sommer's gymnasts they pretty much rarely do metabolic work... because it's not really needed.

If you MUST I wouldn't exceed 5 minutes with any of them. Maybe 1-2 times a week max. If you're doing the 400m intervals that would take care of the metabolic ability anyway.

Almost everyone new (and by new I mean who hasn't had ~4-5 years of experience) grips the rings too hard. You should barely feel pressure on your hands while swinging on hbar and rings. The grips are doing literally 90% of the work. Rips should be rare even if you spend entire practices on the event.

Re: 18 hours -- it's not much on your hands that you should be ripping zillions of times like you are claiming. It's enough to get decent.. but probably won't take you to level 9/10 unless you are very proprioceptively gifted.

ANYWAY, if you want critique just post up a workout schedule I guess, and people here will critique. Arguing small points is useless. As long as you're working fundamentals most of the time that satisfies me.
I'm something of a specialist, I only do rings and pbars.

I suppose were better off agreeing to disagree on the metcon thing.

I would definitely agree with the idea that most people grip the rings to much, I could see that being an issue for me, I'll have to keep that in mind.

Ha ha, as far as me being proprioceptively gifted I don't believe i am, just looking to make as much progress as I can, wherever that leaves me remains to be seen.

Thanks for the discussion Steven, always a pleasure.
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