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Re: July: 'thruster' challenge

Originally Posted by James R. Climer View Post
Looked up the Phat Fran I did on March 12, 2004: as Rx on March 7, 2004 to see what my time was and realized it was

15-12 & 9 reps of:
135# Thrusters and
45# weighted pullups, by rounds=8:52/ 15:57/ & 21:17.6 Total

I'm thinking on the wiser side of attempting 21-15-9, I wish I'd looked this up Wednesday, I would've attempted it then, so I am going to try this Monday or so, after the competition is complete.
OK it took until tonight, (Friday), to 'man up' and get this one off the books so Fat Fran [sub 50# dumbbell]
in 14:54.9 a 6+ minute improvement in only 5 1/2 years!

The pullups were by far the hardest part of Fat Fran, I blame the July thrusterfun challenge for the relative ease of the thruster portion, great success. High Five.
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