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Re: July: 'thruster' challenge

Originally Posted by James R. Climer View Post
Ok, I'm scratching my head on this wondering if it's carry over---

After the thrusters, I've been doing a back squat program this month
and after today's session I felt like I've been neglecting the upper body, so I decided to have a go at 30 muscleups for time:

11:33 !!!!!!!

A PR from 5/31/2009 of 24:58. Go figure, the traps getting loosened up by the heavy bar in the Back Squats? I'm totally at a loss to explain this one.

Ted I wanted to say Thanks in appreciation of your spearheading these monthly challenges.

congrats on the pr! you really killed it.

i am sure performing thrusters 3 times a week has a residual effect on your overall power. its such an explosive movement that its exactly the kind of stress the body needs to supercompensate for according to rip. i would think if you smashed your old pr by that much from a few months ago that your progress is probably more due to technique improvement then pure strength & power?

I want to thank all you guys for participating in these challenges. its always a better challenge when alot of people participate. last months 'burpup' challenge ended with only 2 of us. but thrusters seem to really draw the crowds. maybe its because 'fran' is the most popular wod?

i just posted the august challenge in the competitions forum. should be interesting.
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