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Re: CrossFit and/vs Yoga

I pretty much agree with what Justin had to say in the first place. Working with BW helped a lot of prioperception and motor learning. In fact, I wonder how well you moved before. I have read a few articles on T-nation ( maybe CP ) where it stated working on mobility led to increases in strength lifts.

Mmm, gravy goes good with mashed potatoes, especially red mashed potatoes and chicken fried steak or chicken.

Bad thing about yoga clothes. A young boy came in one day all decked out in yoga attire and another little boy ( the strongest in that rec class and kind of wild ) asked why there was a girl in our class. Those shorts were horrible and they weren't even the Lulu shorts. I would beat my parents with a stick if they let me wear that sort of stuff out in public. Haven't seen that kid since which is too bad since he did well that day. Tech fabrics are good and you can wear them in CF, the lines of their pants and shorts are horrible though. There is a young guy in the adult class who wears him and I would bet good money he is slightly effiminate ( besides being from Davis ) based on those pants.
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