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I've searched the archives looking for information on grip strength. There's a lot of information there, but I didn't really come across the answer to my question.

Yesterday during the "Got grip?" WOD, I could only do 1 towel pull-up before I had to resort to jumping negatives. The reason for failure was my hands. I simply couldn't hang onto the towel.

When I started CF about 9 months ago, I would do the pull-up-centric WOD's on an assist machine and in any volume, my forearms and grip would be the first link in the chain to give out. That hasn't been the case for quite some time now when doing normal horizontal bar or ring pull-ups. The limiting factor in that chain for me now is simply pulling strength.

Yesterday during the towel pull-ups, my pulling strength was certainly not the limiting factor (or at least it didn't feel that way). My hands were fried just from the negatives and my forearms were pretty crispy as well.

I'm looking for some suggestions on strengthening my "vertical" grip strength. In the archives I saw a lot of references to hand grippers, farmer's walks, etc. In my mind (and I certainly could be wrong), those exercises seem to be more related to horizontal grip strength. Is horizontal grip strength transferrable to vertical grip strength?

I plan on getting a rope to hang at home, but I'd like something that I can do during my warm-up that will help me build my "vertical" grip strength. Any thoughts, past experience, or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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