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Re: 100-0 : Your thoughts?

Originally Posted by Ewen Roth View Post
Apparently you have first hand experience as a poor coach.
you're a moron.....I've been on both sides of that situation multiple times, and I've already delineated how it was handled. Perhaps you should get off your lazy *** and read the rest of the thread where that was written.

Repeatedly stealing the ball at 1/2 court and going for an easy layup isn't valuable game experience.
None of us saw this....this is subjective crap that you read somewhere, so stop acting like you were personally accosted by witnessing it.

If you have no control over your players or they refuse to listen to your instructions, either you should not be behind the bench, or those players should be sitting on it.
Are you serious? so then what? put the REALLY good players back in?'re a joke dude.

I never mentioned coddling anyone. But how about playing some useful basketball?
oh really, brilliant

Defensive strategies: call off the press, play low, zone defense, switch players to positions they don't usually play, try for pass interceptions instead of 1-on-1 steals...
you've never coached have you?
Offensive strategies: everyone must touch the ball once before a shot, every shot from inside the key, from outside the key, every play must include one pass to the low post and back out... you're solution is basically playing keep-away from the poor kids that are awful at basketball. you have to be kidding me dude.

You can switch back in forth between strategies (in this game, more like "drills", in fact), and just like that, you run time off the clock, display and hone some real basketball skills and discipline, things that actually help your players down the line , and win the game 70-5 instead of 100-0. For the life of me, I can't see the downside.

And all this talk about "competitive" this and "elite" that from middling amateurs.
very, very poorly thought out response. I already addressed everything you just FAILED to read it before posting.
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