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Re: Olive Oil vs. EVOO shooters

Thanks for all the replies; I shall try in earnest to find a good source for extra virgin olive oil, and do my best to find one that meshes with my tastebuds.

Gant, you were the one who put me on the path of olive oil shooters, as I'd realize late in the day that I wasn't able to drink quite enough milk, or hadn't eaten quite enough food, and four tablespoons of OO or EVOO really helped tip the scales in my favor, something I really need to concentrate on as I finish up with Starting Strength. I should have at least another month or so of the program in me, though My weight seems to have plateaued around 187 as is, hence the olive oil and increased milk consumption. I've seen such good gains that I can't help but keep with the program until I drain it of all usefulness.
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