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Re: Discount on VS Weightlifting Shoes

Originally Posted by Chris Robinson View Post
Can anyone with experience with both the VS Athletics and the Adidas adiStar or Ironwork II shoes offer a comparison? Primarily, differences in heel height. Judging by the pictures I've seen, the VS seems to have a higher heel than the Adidas. I've been lifting in these (wfs) , but they are the University's so I want to get a pair of my own.
First off the heel height is a personal preference so I will give you my opinion. I am no expert in these matters.

You will not be disappointed with the VS versus other footwear but if you are already wearing the Adidas lifting shoes you may or maynot be comfortable with the change.

I have worn both the VS athletic and the Adistar, I own the Adistar now . I prefer the adistar vs. the VS Athletic because of the slightly flatter heel & comfort. I will admit that I wore the Adistar first and therefore I am biased. The adistar is extremely comfortable for my foot, the VS was not as comfortable in my opinion.

I wear "D" width shoes. In some athletic shoes like Adidas Samba's and running shoes I wear a 12 because of width, in dress shoes I wear an 11D, my Adistars are an 11 and could not be more comfortable.

"The adistar and Ironworks II are identical in performance." That is what I have been told by many many people including Todd @

Hope this helps...
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