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Again, kudos on doing the math. Tis a winner. And good point everyone bringing up the limitation of doing the math. However, I have to say that the two situations are relatively equivalent, and that Lord Tabata has emerged victorious. First off, they are the same exercise. The air squat, unless you're practicing with a broom for overheads, is a front squat. Furthermore, both are density protocols, not strictly strength, but work volume, with the connected increases in strength, endurance, and "lungs." Charles Staley did head in the right direction- when he talks about EDT, he mentions the simple thinking that led to the protocol- excessive weight limits the amount of work that can be done for an activity not exclusively strength-related, mixing rest (in the form of the antagonistic exercise) can increase total intensity, and more work in the same time equals better condition. Sounds like a Tabata protocol call to me. Tabata just found a special arrangement of that work and rest that has other exciting effects, and Coach has found an exercise and a score that seem to represent an important conditioning benchmark. Here's to training smarter.
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