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Re: Shoes-Running-Crossfit

Originally Posted by Ben Moskowitz View Post
How did those H-streets fit on you? What size foot are you using the metal, big-shoehorn-looking device?
I'll probably have to get them off of Ebay and I share your affinity for trying things on. Oh well.
The H-streets fit like a glove. I got a size 9 and the shoes I had been wearing were New Balance cross-trainers or something and they were a size 9.5. I usually wear a 9 or 9.5, and rarely I need a size 10.

If you have a DSW near you, I'd go there - thats where I scored my H-streets last week. Otherwise, I'd hit up a local shoe store and try on some Pumas and see what size you need; then hit up Ebay with that size in mind.
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