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Donald Woodson
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I know this is way off topic, but I know a lot of police officers frequent this board, and I can't get ahold of an attorney yet.
If no one wants to answer this question, I would understand and a moderator can throw this in Pukie's bucket, which I would also understand.
My wonderful wife went and got herself a DUI Friday night while I was out of town visiting my folks.
My question is: Is it standard police procedure to transport a drunk to another jurisdiction to book her, then allow her to post her own bond while she's still drunk, then tell her to walk back home, aprx 20 miles along a rural highway in meth head central? Her bond took all of her remaining money, she could not pay for a cab, and she had no one to call, and she told them that. They just told her, "it's a long walk". So she staggered from the police station down the wrong highway at 0330 hrs and got lost. She wasn't even heading in the right direction. She ended up calling 911, whereupon the police finally gave her a ride back home. Somehow, I don't understand the logic where they called a tow truck for her car, but they couldn't call a cab for her? Seems like all they wanted was her money. Public safety obviously had nothing to do with it.
And yes, I had a fabulous weekend.:angry:
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