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I have to disagree here with Barry. At 5"6' 165 lbs, Body fat slightly under ten percent a confortable size 29 waist. I have quite a V-taper. Im one of those guys whose muscles disapeare the minute the put a shirt on thoug :lol:. 50 percent of my workouts consits of cleans, snatches , deadlifts and diferent kinds of squats. The rest is basic gimnastics stuff and fight conditioning. I can deadlift 400 pounds and squat clean 250 witn no mayor fuss.

My point is that not everybody has to give up waist strenth to have a small waist. Maybe it's a matter of genetics??? I've read in more than one place also (but dont know if its true) that the biggest oblique muscle in the world would not exede one inch in thinckness. So strenthening this muscle would not really add much to your waiste side.

PS I also do a lot of one arm over head stuff.

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