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Steven C. Herndon
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Brian, I sympathize with the problems the moderators have, the responsibility for maintaining the direction of the board, and through that, to a large extent, Crossfit. And I realize that Dan left for his own reasons, for things others said to him apparently, not necessarily because of the Moderators comments on hijacked threads. As someone who has looked at a few boards, lurked here for over a year and finally started posting recently, I love things the way they are. As someone commented earlier, there is no flaming of newbie’s, 99.9999% of the time all questions are answered to the best of any ones abilities, even after 3 people put up a simple, reserved “Use the search function” with links. I do not think this would happen any where else. I love that there is a sense of community, inside jokes, that people seem to know each other so well, just from online, but a newbie never feels like there is no room for him at the cool kids table, he is free to join in. And I part of what I love is when a thread turns into a comedy back and forth, racing down to the lowest levels of decency. But maybe it is just me. I am glad this thread turned the way it did, into a larger discussion on the direction of the boards, and if there needs to be some change in direction, it is good to get this stuff out there. And Moderators, thanks for all the hard work you do, even if you do not always share my belief in what is a good direction for a thread. This is defiantly one of the best managed boards I have ever read.
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