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Hello Crossfit.

I'm considering ordering the ironmind kb handles for swings and possibly around the body passes. Im planning to mainly use it at 1.5 pood but may take it up in time.

Whats the heaviest anyone's loaded them up to and has anyone had a collar failure with this item? I have a 1 pood and am hoping that the ironmind can substitute for the 1.5 and 2 pood. If it can go even heavier than that then it's a bonus.

I realise that solid bells are the optimum choice, however cost, ability to scale and the convenience of using the standard plates I already own rather than having to store more heavy equipment appeals to me.

I've searched the forums but have had no luck with finding this particular information. If someone knows of an established thread with this information it would be much appreciated.

Thank you all.
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