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Re: high frequency Powerlifting/upping volume

This is what i've been working with as of late:
sets/reps i.e 1x5 = 1 set of 5

Front Squat Variation 4x3 @ 80%
Flat Bench Variation (Dead Bench) 4x3 @80%
High Deficit deadlift (4 inches or more) 4x3 @80%
Ab Rollout 3x AMRAP
SkullCrushers 3x8
Weighted pull ups 30 reps total

High Bar Back Squat 4x3 @ 75%
Push Press 4x3 @80%
Clean Variation 3x3 @80%
Pendlay Rows 3x8
Back Extensions 3x10-15

Flat Bench Variation (Close Grip bench) 3x3 @80%
Snatch Variation 4x3 @75%
Lunges 3x10-12 (day off from squatting) unilateral leg work
Hanging leg raises 3x10-15
DB Overhead press 3x8-10
Concentric only box jumps 20 reps

Front Squat Variation 5x3 @75%
Klokov press 3x3 @80%
Clean Variation 4x3 @75%
Band Goodmorning 3x8-10
Leg curls 3x8-10

Front Squat Variation 4x3 @80% last set is AMRAP
Flat Bench Variation (competition bench) 4x3 @80% last set is AMRAP
Deadlift Variation (Block fat gripz DL) 3x3 @80% last set is AMRAP
Ab Rollout 3x10-15
DB Bench 2-3x12+

Initial inspiration was from the Norwegian powerlifting talk over on another site. I felt I could use more than just barbell work to supplement areas that need more musculature.

My problem though is figuring out how to progress from week to week? and if this lay/idea makes any sense.

I've purposely laid off from BS due to some piriformis issues and FS doesn't bother me as much.

Critique/suggest away!

Would love to hear Anthony Bainbridge, Chris Mason and really anyone who I can learn from on here to chime in...thanks in advance!
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