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Jason Billows
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I have a similar predicament. My basement gym has a low ceiling and I'm just over 6 feet. I can't do any overhead work with a bar and bumpers, but our ceiling isn't finished so I can work with dumbbells overhead if I lift them between floor joists. It's fun work on precision. :-)

During the summer months I will have most of my gym set up in the garage along with my bar and bumpers. I'll stick it out there as long as I can. When the bar gets really cold I'll simply wear gloves. Being active outdoors in the cold is not problem to me as I have done outdoor winter sports all of my life. The bigger issue is cold on the hands when trying to manipulate equipment. When it gets too cold (and it will here in Ottawa) I'll take the bar and bumpers downstairs and be limited to cleans and squats.

I also have a very old gym membership that has reasonably low fees. I keep it for the days I need access to a C2 or want to get out of the office at lunch and run to the gym.

I guess I'm not really answering any questions, but thought I'd chime in with my experiences.
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