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Tuesday, December 27, 2005 - Crossfit's Jackie

1000 meter row
45lbs Thrusters x 50 reps
Chinups x 30 reps

Time: 9:54

I surprised myself here. I was actually hoping for a sub 15 minutes, since I guestimated my 1000 meter row to be around 10 minutes. I know that sounds horrible, but I don't row very much and the best times on crossfit are between 2:57 and 3:26. Anything under 3:30 and you get your name listed in the trophy case. So realistically - who the hell would have thought my 1000 meter row is at 4 minutes??? I'm still in shock. Thrusters felt okay, although the set was broken. Chinups were pure hell. I think I broke the set about 5 times, lol. The rowing had my forearms pretty tight and I just ran into a wall. Still under 10 minutes, so I'm very pleased.

Oh, and my girlfriend did Fran with a 35lbs barbell in 5:50. We chose 35lbs because it's 50% of her current 5x5 weight on push press. She would have hit 5:10, but she took a 40 second breather in between the 2nd and 3rd round - which I personally think she did not need. But now she has a bench mark and I know she'll smoke it next time.
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