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Re: Frustrated with body changes

Okay, sorry I didn't provide enough information. My diet is basically paleo, although I do drink wine in the evenings and have dessert once in a while. But my diet, I think, is quite good. I really don't have much extra fat. The only place I would say I have more than I'd like is my butt, although even there we're not talking a lot. My programming has been a bit off the traditional crossfit track recently. I did the "Starting Strength" program (Rippetoe) for three months, so I was lifting three days a week and doing crossfit metcons inbetween. That's when I really noticed my pants not fitting anymore. So I dropped the straight strength training and now I do more metcons and occasional strength days. I guess it's hard to have this conversation without sharing pictures of my body and pointing out what I don't like. But I think I'm too self-conscious to do that... Basically, I just feel like with a good diet and crossfit type exercise I should look more trim.
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