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Re: Compression Gear

Originally Posted by Scott A Martin View Post
I've never used compression clothing, but at these prices I may be willing to give it a shot. I was under the impression that compression garments designed for recovery differed from those designed for use while exercising. Some other brands separate products into these two categories. Your website doesn't make this distinction and on your benefits page, it seems to suggest that your products are useful for both recovery and active use.

My questions are:

1. Are your products indeed useful for both recovery and active use?
2. If so, why do other brands differentiate? Purely for marketing purposes, or is there any research behind this?

Edit: This is to Greg, not the OP.
Hi Scott,

1. Yes. The same apparel is useful for both active and recovery. Some of the items on our list of benefits are "active" benefits, while others are "recovery" benefits. Both can be obtained from the same piece of clothing from us or Skins or 2XU, etc. even though some of our competitors do offer a "recovery" specific line. And to lead into #2
2. As far as I can tell, the differentiation mainly relates to comfort. I suspect there is somewhat of a "marketing" focus on this as well, but Skins and 2XU both make products that I respect greatly and I think they do a great job in their respective niches. However, the level of differentiation between the active and recovery lines are so minor that I personally don't think it is worth the extra money and for that same reason we decided not to make two different lines. Maybe we will down the line, if there is a demand for it, but who knows.

For the person out there that can afford to have a half dozen pairs of every line that Skins makes, maybe it is worth the extra money..... but they probably aren't looking at clothing from my budget compression apparel company anyway....

I've worn both the active and recovery from a few competitors and I couldn't really tell much of a difference besides the fact that the recovery stuff was a little bit looser (more relaxed fit for lack of a better word). It makes sense as it is meant to be worn for a longer period of time than most of the active stuff (unless someone is wearing the active stuff for a full marathon or a long triathlon or something). I tried going one size larger on the active stuff to see how that compared to the fit of my correct size in the recovery line. The one size larger in the active was looser than the correct size in the recovery line, so it was almost like the recovery line was a half size looser than the active.

Sorry for the rambling.... Hope this helps to let you know where we are coming from with our product offering.

Thanks for the questions.

[EDIT: I forgot to mention, the Recovery stuff from Skins did seem more comfortable for just lounging around in them. Not sure if it was due to it being a little looser or slightly different stitching patterns. That being said, the active stuff was not uncomfortable to lounge in, just slightly different.]
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