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Bullhooey in the Fitness Industry

Hey all, is anyone here a personal trainer? I am one at a globo gym, and quickly losing my patience. Today, among other things, I was told to "forget everything I've ever read" about fitness, because it was all worthless inside that gym. I need to start people off on things like the nautilus leg press because there are people who can't squat- not even in a shortened range of motion. I argued that everyone needs to sit or go to the bathroom, to which I was told that some people use diapers and others still go to the bathroom standing up into a bucket.

The company is big on NASM and bosu balls, and swiss balls. I guess my question is for trainers here who use crossfit.

What would some of you use to train people who were so weak, old, injured, fat, or otherwise physically untrained that you had to start at square one with them while still not giving in to making them use a ton of machines and doing silly swiss ball movements?

I'm basically hoping to avoid having to quit my job, because I love working with people, but hate all this silly bullhooey that I'm supposed to use to "sell myself." If I can't sell myself being straight up and honest about what I believe, I'd rather be in another industry.
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