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Re: Crossfit Mom Log

Been very bad about about posting lately, things just got crazy over the holidays (still are really). Haven't stopped the workouts though, and am finally feeling like I'm getting some CF gains back that I lost with the Insanity hiatus. Also am free of the knee pain that was constant during those weeks.

Have been pretty much sticking to the mainsite WODs with an occasional CFE workout thrown in. Not really sure if I want to train for a race or leave more time for paddlesurf and mt. biking this spring. With the kids' schedules and my work schedule, I'm happy to get one workout per day in, so I'll count my blessings. I may do a round of SS, still not sure, or tweak the mainsite WODs for a little more strength bias to work towards the RXd weights. My last Fran was with 55# with RXd reps, at 9:39, so I have a ways to go.

Sticking to paleo for my diet about 80% of the time and am having excellent results. I enjoy paleo food, the way it tastes, cooking it, how it makes me feel. I try to eyeball Zone proportions and get pretty close. Again, it's working, I feel good, so I'm not going to stress over an extra fat gram or two if I grab some nuts.

Gotta get to work, accountants can't be screwing around too much this time of hear.

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