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Feels good to be back.

Well it looks like I have been away for awhile. Not quite as long as my last post makes it seem, but since July. I tried "Insanity" and with two weeks to go called it quits and came back to CrossFit. The workouts were tough, a lot harder than I thought. I made it through them physically, but mentally I just couldn't take another day of Shaun T. leading me through the same workouts over and over.

I'm kicking myself now at the strength I've lost. I don't think it will take long to get back to where I was, I just wish I had stuck with CF since it was working so well. Lesson learned.

Looking back at my posts it looks like I was in top form posting to this thread while doing CrossFit and CFE training for a 1/2 marathon. In the interest of sticking with what works, I'll start posting again and more importantly, using these boards for help and support. This is a great community, wish I had never left.

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