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Re: CrossFit Mom Log

Spent a few days away on Spring Vacation but managed to keep on schedule with workouts. I took the opportunity that a relaxed schedule and beautiful scenery afforded and did a 10-mile run on Saturday. All I can say is CFE really works. I've only run more than 5K a 4-5 times since Christmas, and I felt strong and comfortable. Right foot is a little sore due to breakdown in POSE technique.

In other news, last night's "Karen" was brutal. The cardiovascular system held up, but my arms felt like lead toward the end. I suppose that's the point! Also had a nice improvement in "Lynne" the day before. Today is a rest day in my WOD cycle (I'm a few days behind, but try to maintain 3 on 1 off). I'll get a CFE workout in tonight.

Went completely off Zone for a few days and paid the price. Yesterday was spot-on and sleep was wonderful. I'm finding that not only do I need to stay on the Zone, but eat a block or two less than I'd really like. Having a slight sensation of hunger through the day pays off in a very good night's sleep.
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