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Re: Re-Tread(NWFS)

Man are you telling the truth about doing WODs on base. One reason I built a gym in my basement, to bad I have to pack it up and store it for the 3 years Ill be in Germany.

With that inside pain only on chin ups it sounds like it's just the tendon there with a big name I can not spell. I use to have that hurt and tighten when I was a bicep curl type guy. Doubt it is anything serious, but hope it calms down for you soon.

Tires, Parrallets, Sledge Hammers, etc. You can get all that cheap.

Also to add difficulty to your runs, get an old Alice Pack frame with waistbelt and a normal car tire no rim. Place a U-Bolt into the tire and a D-Ring to the U-Bolt and your ruck frame, then End-Line Bow-Line a piece of rope on both ends (Long enough to keep the tire off your heels) and snap the loops into the D-Rings.

Now you have a nice resistance chest rig for cheap / free. Do a few repeats, hill sprints, or 1-3 mile runs and tell me it is useless.

Best of luck to ya.
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