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Re: How sore is too sore to workout?

Hi, Rebekah. When I started CrossFit back in July, I was only able to come to one or two sessions a week because I was so sore. I made a deal with myself to go every Wednesday at the very least. I made it an appointment and kept it. After a few weeks it started getting better and I actually WANTED to go more often. I'm now doing it a minimum of four days, plus my squadron has one mandatory PT session a week, so I'm doing 5-6 days. I still have days where I'm really sore and sometimes cancel a CF session and reschedule it to my originally planned rest day. I try not to make any excuses, but there are days where I just know I need the rest.

Pay attention to what your body's telling you. If you absolutely know you're not going to make it through a CrossFit workout, then maybe just a run or a long walk would be better. You'll soon get better at knowing when the soreness isn't too much to work through.
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