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Re: How sore is too sore to workout?

I recently started crossfit (last week!) and I do a scaled warm up and wod, but I'm still severely wiped by the end of it. the first day was last thursday, and I bascally couldn't function over the weekend, went back monday, and yesterday I wanted to go but just felt horrible, and stayed home to rest. I have been pretty sore/stiff unremittingly since thursday, but also maybe coming down with something because have had very little appetite, and was not well yesterday afternoon to the point where I dressed and was ready to go but couldn't leave the house.

So my question is how do you judge when you have recovered sufficiently to workout again? The coach at my box said to come in even if I'm feeling lousy b/c I can always at least do laps around the building, which sounds ok except for actual illness like yesterday. Is that the best approach? Should I be letting my muscles rest for a few days between lifting/squats/etc to repair themselves? Is sufficient recovery "free from pain" or just "better than crippled"?

btw, I am in similar starting condition to the OP, coming to crossfit from a paleo eating background but very inactive and afraid of exercise honestly do to a lot of chronic pain/fatigue, etc. This is sort of my last ditch effort to "cure" myself since I'm eating well and still not seeing a big drop in inflammation.

Thanks so much for all the advice and encouragement threads, they have really been helpful so far.
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