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Re: Becoming

today was a slow but long W/O, warmed up with backward jog for 8 min. got up to 7.5 mph tho no incline, i felt good about that. then experemented with some cleans that go into a squat with 95 lb what is the proper name for that? omg those are exhausting! anyways moved on to deadlift 1x8 135# 1x5 225# 1x1 315# --1x1 345# and finialy a new pr 365# then 2x2 225# -------------- on to chest with incline db press 2x8 75# 2x8 65# --- bench press 1x10 95# 1x10 145# 1x1 195# 3x5 145#-----------on to calf raises 4x25 200# 3x25 250# squatted 185# x5 225# x3 then tried to finish up with a metcon of 12--9--6 clean to squat with 95#--- db bent over rows with 80#db----- and incline press with 65# db, i made it thru the 12 and was too exhausted to finish. what a loser! oh well now i have another short term goal to finish that exact metcon.
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