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Shoulder agitation for months

Starting just over a year ago, I began lifting. I didn't have a clue about form other than needing to have a straight back for certain things. I hurt my shoulder doing bench. I had crappy form. I went to the VA and they did an xray and said it was fine, just to rest it. 10 months later my shoulder bothers me. These are the things that cause crepitus: flat bench that isn't wide grip, same with pushups, and dumbell swings. Overhead press doesn't bother me, decline and incline bench, nor dips. What is the gig? I have only minor strength loss in my right arm and only when doing my heaviest benching. Pain is in the antierior portion of my right shoulder and is a mixed feeling of weakness and the type of pain tendonitis presents. Has anyone else rehab'd something like this? I have done lots of internal external shoulder rotations and that helped at first but I am afraid of blowing my shoulder apart and the way it feels doesn't inspire confidence. Any help? I have been trying to find something something from mwod but nothing is helping. Thanks guys!
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