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Re: Heel spur (suspected), plantar fasciitis and minimal shoes

Really not familiar with Michaud's work but I am familiar with the literature he cites about orthotics and low-dye taping. Both of these techniques support the medial arch of your foot and can decrease excessive pronation (flattening of your foot) with movement.

I like barefoot running but the transition can end up causing more harm then good. If you don't have the ability to control the medial arch of the foot (causing excessive pronation) with movement then over time you can develop a heel spur.

Research supports NSAIDs, Orthotics, night splints and corticosteroids. From a physical therapy perspective I would focus on strengthening the hip, core and foot as well as focus on ankle mobility to fix the problem. I've written extensively about how to do this on my site

I wouldn't be afraid of wearing shoes though. Just because our ancestors didn't wear shoes doesn't me that we shouldn't either, and this comes from someone who supports barefoot running. My co-host is a physical therapist and we discuss shoes in a podcast episode (how to pick the right shoe for you based on your foot type) that you might find helpful. You can find it here.

I know this is a lot but I hope it helps,
Dan Pope
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