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Ive been working my way into some of the exercises that are common place in the WOD's so overhead squats and other exercises im unaccustomed to are placed in every workout at not so heavy weight so as to improve my skill in them. Today was a rest day but in stead of this i did 3 rounds (21, 15, 9) of overhead squat, pull ups w/ 25#s, 30#'s, 35#s, ring dips, and handstand push ups. by the time i finished i had a funny numb feeling in the underside of my forearms. is this suspect of my routine?

Also: I just got my rings in the other day, ive practiced with the push ups, pull ups, and dips (dips suck by the way... in a good way) Can anyone offer a good routine for becoming more accustomed to the rings? is what im doing, entergrating their use into my WOD's enough?

Also X2: With regards to the handstand push ups, is there a way to become more proficient at them without a spotter?

Any help you guys can offer would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

-Matt (new cross fit guy)
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