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Re: Getting ready for the Marine Corps

Check out the last 4 months of the Crossfit Journal (Issues 64-67). It has articles on "Pre-SOF Training". Right up your alley. Bottom line is CF will increase you General Physical Preparation. You will have to do extra workouts. CF workouts generally only take between 5 and 30 minutes (of course 5 mins is relegated to the CF studs and studetts).

One way to get pure numbers up is sheer volume. Throw a pull up bar in your bathroom doorway and knock of 10 pull ups every time you walk by or under the bar, all day, every day. When I was trying to increase my pull ups, I set a goal to do 100 pull ups a day, no matter what. I was doing 30 pull ups for my CF warm-up, so most days I needed to knock off 70 additional pull-ups. You could do the same for crunches.

I would look at doing running intervals, two times a week, separated by 8 hours from your CF workout. Run 400s, 800s, 200s and 100s. On the shorter distances increase your rest and concentrate on perfect form. On one rest day I would run the test distance.

Be sure to taper your training starting a week out from the event and come in fresh.

Probably wouldn't be a bad time to look at nutrition.

I hate gearing training only to an event, even more for MIL/LEO. You are training for the field, not for a test. Might as well start your "real" training now. Too much specialized training can lead to imbalances and injuries. By the way, you are going to need to scale the CF workouts.
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