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Re: Getting ready for the Marine Corps

You've got about 3 months to get some pretty specialized stuff dialed in. I think CrossFit would be a perfect fitness program for you in the long run, but since you're not trying to achieve results across such broad domains, I think you'd be far better off sticking to specialized training for the time being. Achieve the results you want, and then use CrossFit to maintain fitness down the road.

I'm 5'9" 145# soaking wet, and 23 years old. I'm about the same as you. I'd like to get up to 160 or 165# but you need to prioritize. If you can get the results on the PFT at a lighter weight, then I'd say stick with that weight. Train at your current weight, get the results you want, go nail the PFT, and then worry about gaining afterwards.

If you start packing on the weight now, you might slow your results because your body won't just be adapting to increased workload but to increased weight as well.

As for the PFT itself, I can only tell you what I've done to improve mine. Granted I'm still pretty far from where I'd like to be, but I've made some good progress.

3 Miles: 27:00
20 pull-ups
80 sit-ups

Your pull-ups and sit-ups should come along pretty well if you just work them enough. But I've had great success with just 1 or 2 Tabatas a week on either or. On days when I'm not doing Tabatas, I'll do 1 set of max pull-ups/sit-ups in the morning, and then another at night. You don't have far to go with those, so I think you'll do fine with some Tabatas or maybe GTG for a couple of weeks.

For your run (which is also what I'm trying desperately to improve), I've had success with sprints and intervals, as Tom mentioned. Along with whatever you do for your pull-ups and sit-ups, I'd say add 1 or 2 interval runs a week, and then maybe 1 LSD (5K or so) run.

For the runs I usually do 30s sprint and 30s jog/walk. I've gotten my mile to 7:45 finally, after a year of not being able to break 8:00.

So your mileage may vary with that.

Anyways the bottom line is you can use CrossFit as a conditioning program, but I really think you'll get better gains towards your more specific goals if you focus on them specifically for the time being. You could supplement your specialized training with CF slowly, so as not to over train. Do your specialized training for a week or two, then add a WOD or two, and see how it goes.

Just my $0.02 based on what's worked for me so far. Best of luck
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